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May 5, 2022

Today, Dapper Rhinos becomes Dapper - the Growth Agency.

The past year our team has worked really hard to rethink our brand, finetune our propositions, and create a whole new visual identity and website.

The shift from Dapper Rhinos to Dapper symbolizes our transformation from a youthful, starting company to an established no-nonsense agency. We separate ourselves from the rest with less fluff, and more results.

Our mission remains the same: to help impactful brands grow to their full online potential.

The Rhino, which symbolizes our ‘nothing-stands-in-our-way’ mentality, is still visualized in our new brands’ logo. The logo simultaneously visualizes a leaf that symbolizes growth.

We’re very proud to present our new brand, and invite everybody to take a look on our new website!

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