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Emotionally volatile content is more engaging



May 5, 2022

DISCLAIMER: Ending of the video is truly cringy. I'm sorry. I wasn't made to be an actor.


Emotionally volatile content is more engaging.

Research from the Wharton University has analyzed over 30.000 online articles and more than 1.000 movies.

They found that an increase of about 30% in emotional volatility, is associated with 1 whole extra point higher rating on IMDB.

For online written content, emotional volatility increases the chance of a reader continuing to the next paragraph by about 4%.

We love emotional rollercoasters! It triggers us and keeps us intrigued.

When something is the same, we humans get bored easily.

So if you want people to stay engaged with your blog post, podcast, online article, or video, make sure to increase the negative and positive emotions.

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