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The bandwagon effect


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May 5, 2022

According to the Bandwagon effect, people tend to copy the behavior of others pretty quickly. The more people follow a certain trend, the more likely it is that others will also get on the bandwagon! I will explain how to use this phenomenon effectively within marketing.

1. Show in your ads how people use your product/services

By showing in your ads how others are using your product/service, you'll convince others to use it too. You can ask an unknown person for your ad, but it is even more effective to ask people who have a lot of followers, like celebrities or influencers.

2. Get on the bandwagon yourself

Map out what is popular among your target audience and what they do and do not respond to. Then try to incorporate this into your product or service.

A good example is the current trend of multiple cameras in your smartphone. Having multiple cameras on a phone does not necessarily improve performance, yet this feature has become indispensable for most people.

3. Use fear to get people to jump on the bandwagon

This tactic is widely used by insurers and financial institutions. It capitalizes on the potential risks that people may face, such as the likelihood of their house burning down or catching something while on vacation. By asking them these terrifying "what if" questions, you can nudge people to jump on the bandwagon themselves.

4. Let satisfied customers come forward in your ads

This is one of the most common bandwagon effect techniques used. You'll see it used regularly in case studies, testimonials, and reviews. Still, this tactic continues to produce good results.

Positive reactions from customers signal to others that they are likely to be just as happy with the product or service offered and should therefore choose this product/service.

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