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300% increase in webshop revenue

Boxspring Twijfelaar is a Dutch company that sells high-quality beds for low prices.


Boxspring Twijfelaar operates in a highly competitive market, where numerous businesses are ‘fighting’ for the same customers with lowered prices. Boxspring Twijfelaar had tried working with various agencies and freelancers, none of whom had found a way to beat the competition online.

The goal

  • Immediately sell as many trainings as possible
  • Positioning Chris and Robbin as Product Owner Gurus


Our research indicated that the likeliest source of relevant traffic would be Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We decided to limit our acquisition experiments to these two channels. Our research further indicated that website conversion could be improved, so we tested how to improve the product page for maximum conversion.

Given that purchasing a bed is not a spur of the moment decision, but instead requires several contact points to be convinced, we also improved the nurture flow by optimizing mail flows and retargeting campaigns.

  • Acquisition experiments on Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Experimenting with the product page to improve conversion
  • Optimization of the nurture flows (email + retargeting on social media)


In 3 months, we identified a successful funnel to sell Boxspring Twijfelaar products that allowed us to increase the webshop revenue with 300%.


Increase in webshop revenue


Improved the conversion rate by 78%


We established a basis for campaigns that can be further scaled up

We're very pleased with their approach and competence.

Yassine Tanane

Boxspring Twijfelaar

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