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Helping brands grow online through growth marketing

Dapper is a growth marketing agency based in Rotterdam. Founded in 2018, we’re growing into one of Europe’s leading growth agencies. Our mission is to maximize growth for brands that make an impact, using the latest tools and technology, unparalleled creativity, and the best talent out there.

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Our core values

At Dapper, we have three values that convey how we work and grow together.


We're innovators at heart and lead the way for others to follow.

Peak Performance

We're always at the top of our game. When we have a goal in mind, nothing will stand in our way.

We don't work, we play

We are crazy about what we do, and our passion shows.

Dapper is made up of growth fanatics

Each with their own specialization and area of expertise. At heart, we’re pioneers who simply love what we do. The bulk of the Dapper team is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with other team members working from other countries. We pride ourselves on our high-performance culture and the freedom we offer our team. We’re always aiming to grow, even as we help others to grow.

Yvo Wander


Tycho Luijten


Sebastiaan Reinders

Senior Growth Marketer

Pedro Talaia

Senior Growth Marketer

Baptiste Genty

Senior Growth Marketer

Jennifer Jongenotter

Medior Growth Marketer

Yvonne van Driel

Medior Growth Marketer

Anne de Vries

Medior Growth Marketer

Steven van Marle

Junior Growth Marketer

Tessa Peterse

Medior Growth Marketer

Eleni Zakof

Junior Growth Marketer

Sabine Snijders

Senior Growth Marketer

Leon Stockmar

Junior Growth Marketer

Eileen Goldhagen

Junior Growth Marketer

Olaf Dijkstra

Growth Creative

Sofia Topalidi

Junior Growth Creative

Wendy Trinh Huynh

Office Manager

Erik Colstee

Business Controller

Paul Bindels

Medior Growth Marketer

Pawel Banhegyi

Senior Growth Marketer

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We've worked with a lot of different agencies, but I know no better agency in growth marketing than Dapper

Hennie Jansen


Dapper has a strong and ambitious team that knows how to growth hack your business.

Maurits Grosfeld

Dapper constantly improves results in a proactive and very structured way, this makes the company stand out.


Most impressive is that Dapper has a quick way of implementing things. They’re very kind people who get the best results. Acting effectively and quickly: the things we ask Dapper to do, they do ASAP.

Sophia Mae

We found a very good ROI with Dapper. Having worked with multiple different agencies, I would recommend only Dapper.


I would recommend working with Dapper for anyone who is looking to efficiently explore new channels or optimize the channels that they currently have.

Lizard Global

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