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Become a B2B Marketing expert with the Dapper Demand Gen Training

Most prospects are currently not looking for your offer. And you cannot convert clients that don’t have a need. That is why your prospects need education and nurturing so that when the need arises you are top-of-mind. This B2B Demand Gen training is designed to help you set up a marketing machine that generates demand and leads to sustainable growth.

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From €990,- p.p.

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What exactly is Demand Generation?

The training is exclusively focused on B2B

Our Demand Gen training exclusively focuses on the ins and outs of B2B demand generation, ensuring that your company gains specialized insights tailored to the unique complexities of business-to-business interactions.

This means you'll receive strategies that resonate with longer sales cycles, complex decision-making units, and relationship-driven approaches, all geared towards optimising your B2B growth potential.

We help you move from old school Lead Generation to Demand Generation

You’ve never gotten measurable ROI on your digital marketing campaigns. A lot of campaigns you ran were around eBooks and whitepapers. Your KPIs were centered around Marketing Qualified Leads. The big problem? The leads were rarely ever interested in buying your product or service, and Sales did not convert the MQLs to revenue.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Until recently, B2B marketing evolved around ‘pushing people through the funnel’ and trying to get people to convert when they are not ready to do so. This resulted in a waste of time for both the Marketing and Sales departments since useless leads were generated that were not ready to convert.

This training will help you set up a marketing machine that generates high-quality inbound leads!

Why should you choose to learn with Dapper?

Customized Learning Experience

Our workshop is tailored to your company's industry, challenges, and goals. Your team will receive practical insights that directly apply to your unique business landscape.

Interactive Learning Dynamics

Our workshop thrives on interactive discussions, practical exercises, and engaging sessions that foster a deep understanding of demand generation strategies.

Expert-Led Knowledge Transfer

Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned professional who will guide your team through real-world demand generation scenarios, ensuring practical learning that can be implemented immediately.

What does the Demand Generation training program look like?

Prepare to enrich your (team's) expertise with knowledge that goes beyond the surface. Our workshop curriculum takes you through it all!

Tracking & Self-Reported Attribution
Define ICP
Collect Data
Define SMEs & Distributors
Define Core Messaging
Define Content Strategy
Define Demand Gen Channels

How it Works

Get a quote via the form below; with no obligations.

We customize the workshop content to fit your company's industry, challenges, and objectives.

Have co-founder & B2B demand generation expert Tycho visit your office or follow the workshop remotely.

Put your newly learned skills immediately into action ensuring long-term knowledge retention.

Experience sustainable growth!


You can follow a Demand Generation Training at Dapper from €990,- onwards. When we organize an in-house workshop with 10+ students, the training price per person will drop. If you have any questions about the pricing, please get in touch with us. You can email us at or call us on the following number: 010 307 6707.

Are you ready to build a demand generation machine that generates inbound leads, pipeline and revenue?

Feel free to contact us directly:
010 307 6707

The training allowed me to build my own funnel. It goes deeper than other trainings and sends you home with a lot of practical skills.

Dylan de Haas

City in a Box

The training was a good mix of theory and practice. At the end we got to set up our own lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn and Google.

Boris Luijten

Boron Management

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