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Setting up a sustainable funnel for a B2B SaaS solution

Channext is a B2B SaaS product that provides a solution for the channel market. They create a platform for vendors to organize their marketing activities on reseller channels. Within the platform, a dashboard tracks the performance of resellers. This solution stimulates a closer collaboration between the vendor and reseller, generates a greater pipeline, and drives partner revenue growth.


Channext was receiving the majority of its sales through traditional channels. The founders had a very well-established network within the IT market, which had allowed them to grow their client base to a respectable amount solely through their own network.

However, the founders came to realize that for further growth, they would need to tap into a network outside of their own. This is why they wanted to utilize digital marketing to generate leads to approach. But since they hadn’t yet utilized digital channels for lead generation, they struggled to find the optimal way of generating leads online.

The goal


Given that the software offered by Channext is new to the market, the bottleneck in the funnel was the start of the customer lifecycle. This required us to first educate their potential customers before guiding them further down the funnel. This was achieved by starting an experimentation track to test what would work best in first educating and later generating new leads for Channext.

  • LinkedIn ads with numerous lead magnets (e-books, guides, and content planners)
  • Building workflows and mail flows in HubSpot to warm up leads that enter the funnel
  • Webinar email flows to warm up and follow up with leads after attending
  • Experiments with various visuals and advertising copy to find the message that resonates with the audience
  • Experiments with different types of webinars to reduce the time spent on marketing efforts


Our successful experiments allowed us to form a funnel that could be scaled up further. We found that a LinkedIn advertising campaign allowing the target audience to subscribe to a webinar was the most effective in generating leads. Some of the largest tech companies in Europe attended these webinars.



Sustainable funnel

We developed a sustainable funnel that keeps generating sales qualified leads

Time saving

We developed a growth strategy that reduces the client’s time spent on marketing efforts



We've worked with a lot of different agencies, but I know no better agency in growth marketing than Dapper.

Hennie Jansen


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