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Reducing Logitech's CPL from €300 to €60 on the B2B market

Logitech is mostly known as an international manufacturer of computer peripherals and software for the B2C market. However, the multinational conglomerate is also a frontrunner in the B2B market for video collaboration. From boardrooms to living rooms and from hot desks to huddle spaces - Logitech provides businesses with a complete ecosystem of video conferencing hardware, software, and services. Their people-first approach has led them to be the first choice of IT leaders and the #1 worldwide in video conferencing hardware.


The pandemic has changed the work environment for many people. It seems that the hybrid workplace is becoming the standard in many offices. In those hybrid workplaces, some employees work in the office, while others do this remotely. With Logitech’s solutions, it becomes easier for many companies to set up an effective hybrid workplace. In essence, Logitech’s service allows people and teams to work better together from anywhere without compromising on quality, productivity, or creativity.

As more businesses are implementing a hybrid working strategy, an increase in the hybrid working hard- and software providers can be observed. For Logitech, it is crucial to be top-of-mind for those businesses looking to upgrade their workplace environment. We help Logitech to spread awareness and generate leads for hybrid solutions by creating and launching paid social media campaigns. We aim to acquire both MQLs and SQLs.

The goal


We started working with Logitech in the summer of 2021 and since then our relationship has only gotten stronger! We are continuously running and launching new campaigns and helping with the improvement of existing ones. Apart from these awareness campaigns, we’re currently working on a full-funnel strategy that helps potential leads engage with Logitech throughout every stage of the marketing funnel. Here are several activities we currently perform for Logitech:

  • LinkedIn advertising experiments with lead magnets such as white papers and checklists
  • Creation of new blogs to publish on Logitech’s website and share on social media
  • Organic boosting experiments on LinkedIn
  • Promotion of video animations created by our designer

In addition, we help realize paid social media campaigns for several resellers of Logitech hard- and software.


The success of the first LinkedIn campaigns led to a long-term collaboration in which we are currently working towards a strategy that covers the entire AAARR funnel.


Reduced the average CPL from €300+ to €60


Leads gathered in 3 quarters time


Targeting and advertising experiments tested on LinkedIn

I know exactly what I can expect from the Dapper team. They move fast, deliver good quality, and make clear decisions.

Angela Hordijk


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