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178% Increase in Total Deal Value with Demand Generation Strategy

Sustainable Capital Group is a sustainable finance company for mid-market organizations that assist green financiers, impact investors and organisations in achieving their sustainability and financing objectives. For organisations, they operate in three phases. First, their financial analysts assess whether the plan, project or business is eligible for financing. Then, they determine the most suitable financing possibilities. Thereafter, they realise the necessary financing by matching the organisation to their growing network of green financiers and impact investors. In parallel, their sustainability experts assess whether the organisation complies with European regulations and standards. For impact investors and green financiers, they provide EU Taxonomy-compliant investment opportunities.


SCG faced significant challenges when we began working together. They lacked content and relied solely on existing networks. Our mission was clear: boost their brand exposure and revamp their marketing strategy. After a successful rebranding, they needed to break free from their shell and make waves in their niche.

The goal


Our approach was multifaceted. First, we transformed their Subject Matter Experts into Thought Leaders on LinkedIn. By guiding them in posting engaging content, we boosted their engagement by an impressive 51%.

Next, we established a blog on their website. Regularly publishing SEO-optimized content not only enhanced their online presence but also resulted in a remarkable threefold increase in organic traffic.

To streamline their prospect journey and capture leads effectively, we designed a conversion rate optimization (CRO) proof landing page, and we launched email outreach campaigns to nurture their ICPs.


With our multifaceted approach, we reached the following results.


Increase in total deal value for SFA service


Organic traffic driven by blogs


Increase in Engagement on LinkedIn

Thanks for all your amazing support - you've helped us make huge jumps forward with our marketing strategy that really amplifies our exposure to clients

Alicia Glennon

Sustainable Capital Group

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