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Creating a high performing funnel for a training institute

Xebia Academy is a training institute specialized in IT. They focus on helping IT professionals improve their skills; including software development, agile management, and cyber security. Their target audience is professionals from the top 200 companies in the Netherlands.


Our challenge was clear: to find a way to sell Xebia Academy trainings as efficiently as possible through online channels. They had never successfully utilized online channels, so we would need to ‘test’ our way to an ideal funnel.

A strong collaboration with the sales department would be vital, as the trainings were high value and would require consultative selling towards the end of the funnel.

The goal

  • Immediately sell as many trainings as possible
  • Positioning Chris and Robbin as Product Owner Gurus


We ran 20+ experiments across several stages of the funnel, multiple channels and ranging from lead magnets to creative assets. For our first experimentation track, we limited it to 2 successful trainings to find out what works before scaling to more trainings. The growth marketing trajectory included:

  • Experiments with advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google
  • Lead magnets tests: webinars, mini-trainings, e-books, and more
  • Experiments with varying visuals and advertising copy
  • Custom-made landing pages to maximize conversion

Throughout the whole process, we maintained close contact with the sales department of Xebia to get feedback on the leads gathered through our experiments. We also educated the sales department about the customer journey up to when they received the leads, to ensure the follow-up went as smoothly as possible.


Successful experiments allowed us to form a high-performing lead generation funnel. A combination of Google Search Campaigns and LinkedIn lead generation campaigns at the top of the funnel, and an email nurture campaign at the bottom of the funnel proved to be most effective in generating high-quality leads. We scaled this funnel to 10+ trainings of Xebia Academy and continued a long-term collaboration with Xebia Academy to build and expand a sustainable funnel.


Leads generated to date


Average cost per lead

10+ trainings

Successful campaigns scaled to 10+ trainings


We helped Xebia Academy to maintain and optimize the digital funnel independently from us

Successful experiments allowed us to form a high-performing lead generation funnel.



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