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Demand Generation

The #1 Demand Generation Agency in the Netherlands

You want to grow your pipeline. But, your current marketing activities have not gotten you the results you hoped for. Our team will help you set up and run the demand generation machine you need to generate inbound leads and grow your pipeline.

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Your current lead generation activities are failing you

You’ve never gotten measurable ROI on your digital marketing campaigns. A lot of campaigns you ran were around eBooks and whitepapers. Your KPIs were centred around Marketing Qualified Leads. The big problem? The leads were rarely ever interested in buying your product or service, and Sales rarely converted the MQLs to revenue.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Up until recently, B2B marketing evolved around ‘pushing people through the funnel’ and trying to get people to convert when they are not ready to do so. This resulted in a waste of time for both the Marketing and Sales departments since useless leads are generated that are not ready to convert.

B2B marketing is all about education and timing

Most of your prospects are currently not looking for your product or service. This group of people needs education and nurturing. So that when the need arises for your offer, they understand the problem that you solve, and you are on top of mind in your category.

Demand Generation is a marketing approach where you create interest and demand for the product or service you sell. You define your audience and serve your prospects content that helps them understand that 1) they have a problem to be solved and 2) you are the one to solve that problem! The goal is to create inbound leads: prospects who come to you with a request for a demo or proposal. 

On the other hand, about 3% of your prospects are actually looking for your product or service, right now. The marketing activities here evolve around Demand Capture: being there where your prospects search for your product or service, and persuading them to get in touch with you.

The landscape of digital marketing changes by the hour. New channels and tactics to grow your audience appear daily. When there are a million possible routes to take, how do you choose the most effective one?

The only way to determine this is by testing. Data-driven marketing allows us to track the effectiveness of everything we do. That’s why Dapper tests channels, visuals, copy, landing pages, target segments, and much more. It’s our mission to find your optimal route to growth.

You don’t have the right Demand Generation experts on your team

Don't worry, we've got you covered. You know that Demand Generation as methodology would work for your growth. But, you don’t have the team to define and execute a strategy. 

That’s where Dapper comes in. We create the team you need to set up your demand generation machine. From copywriters to designers and paid advertising experts, we complement your team where you miss expertise. Every marketer on our team is a seaned Demand Generation specialist with each their own specialism. 

Instead of hiring one generalist or five specialists, hire a Demand Generation Team at Dapper. For the same price of one Senior Marketer you’ll have access to a full blown Demand Generation team with all specialists you need.

Experts in B2B growth

The Dapper B2B growth marketing team is comprised of experienced B2B marketers; from strategists to designers, copywriters to campaign specialists, and everything in between. With expertise from a wide range of sectors, we can create customized strategies that drive rapid growth for your business.

Growth research & strategy
Social Media Advertising
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine advertising (SEA)
Display advertising
Video marketing
Design and copywriting
Conversion rate optimization
Email marketing

We've worked with a lot of different agencies, but I know no better agency in growth marketing than Dapper

Hennie Jansen


Dapper has a strong and ambitious team that knows how to growth hack your business.

Maurits Grosfeld

Dapper constantly improves results in a proactive and very structured way, this makes the company stand out.


Most impressive is that Dapper has a quick way of implementing things. They’re very kind people who get the best results. Acting effectively and quickly: the things we ask Dapper to do, they do ASAP.

Sophia Mae

We found a very good ROI with Dapper. Having worked with multiple different agencies, I would recommend only Dapper.


I would recommend working with Dapper for anyone who is looking to efficiently explore new channels or optimize the channels that they currently have.

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