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Growth marketing for a luxury lifestyle brand

SOPHIA MAE is a lifestyle brand created by Dutch celebrity, Monica Geuze. The fairly new company sells a variety of products, such as scented candles and sticks, and shimmering oil.


We were brought in before the launch to discover the most efficient manner to launch and sell SOPHIA MAE products. An important challenge was to ensure that SOPHIA MAE was not reliant on Monica Geuze’s organic channels to sell products. SOPHIA MAE’s marketing team emphasised the need to build a brand as well as get new customers; each message sent to the target audience had to contribute to this to build the brand.

The goal

  • Immediately sell as many trainings as possible
  • Positioning Chris and Robbin as Product Owner Gurus


Given how new the SOPHIA MAE brand and website were, a lot of set-up work was required. Following this, we conducted market research to pinpoint how competitors reached their clients. Tapping into this research and our vast growth marketing experience, we launched a range of experiments and potential optimizations.

  • Market research into marketing efforts of competitors
  • Integration of all marketing channels and measurement tools into the new SOPHIA MAE website.
  • Advertising experiments on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Advertising experiments with Google Search Campaigns
  • Experimenting with varying visuals and advertising copy to discover what resonates with- and converts the audience
  • Improving the product pages to increase conversion

Throughout the entire process, we remained in close contact with the SOPHIA MAE marketing team to ensure that we were building the SOPHIA MAE brand while finding the optimal route to growth.


We contributed to the successful launch of SOPHIA MAE and scaling it to the profitable webshop it is today.


We ensured that all marketing channels were set up and installed the most up-to-date measurement tools onto the website.

Succesful launch

We contributed to a successful launch of SOPHIA MAE

Scaled profitable campaigns

We set up and scaled profitable advertising campaigns on Instagram and Google.

During and after the launch of SOPHIA MAE, The Dapper team has supported us as one of our most reliable partners. Without the work of Dapper, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Stanley Bish


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