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Growth Marketing for eCommerce

Get more customers, keep them for longer

We’re here to elevate your digital store with e-commerce growth marketing. Grow your current customer base, increase the lifetime value of your customers, and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

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Build your webshop performance and brand

Too often, brand and data-driven marketing exist in separate silos. This can cause you to miss out on opportunities or unintentionally create conflicting content or campaigns. All of our marketing efforts take both short-term performance and long-term brand equity into account. We focus on campaign ideas that create the right brand associations and brand awareness as well as drive purchases.

From first time client to brand ambassador

Achieving sustainable growth for your webshop requires working full-funnel. We begin by calculating the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) - what are we allowed to spend on a new client when taking into account all costs and the LifeTime Value (LTV)? We optimize the top of the funnel to build a system that generates first-time clients for the right price.

To ensure that customers return, we optimize the funnel for retention. We run re-marketing campaigns to keep you in your audience’s mind. And we don’t stop there - we aim to turn your customers into brand ambassadors who entice new customers for you.


The landscape of digital marketing changes by the hour. New channels and tactics to grow your audience appear daily. When there are a million possible routes to take, how do you choose the most effective one?

The only way to determine this is by testing. Data-driven marketing allows us to track the effectiveness of everything we do. That’s why Dapper tests channels, visuals, copy, landing pages, target segments, and much more. It’s our mission to find your optimal route to growth.

Growth Marketing requires a wide variety of skills

From strategy to design, data analysis to copywriting, we’re here to help with it all. When you hire a Growth Team at Dapper, you get direct access to your very own multidisciplinary growth team. We offer all of the necessary skills in-house, to ensure that we can find your specific route to growth and make it happen.

Experts in e-commerce growth

The Dapper e-commerce marketing team is comprised of experienced e-commerce marketers; from strategists to designers, copywriters to campaign specialists, and everything in between. Through expertise in a wide range of sectors, we create customized strategies that drive rapid growth for your business.

Growth research & strategy
Social Media Advertising
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine advertising (SEA)
Display advertising
Video marketing
Design and copywriting
Conversion rate optimization
Email marketing

Results we are
proud of

Dapper their clearness in communication and processes is impressive. The quality of the campaigns, copy, and assets they create is high. They move fast, and they make clear decisions.


Dapper increased our webshop sales by almost 200% in one year. They continuously have out of the box ideas to optimize our funnel.

Dylan de Haas

City in a Box

During and after the launch of SOPHIA MAE, the Dapper team has supported us as one of our most reliable partners. Without the work of Dapper, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Stanley Bish


The quality of Dapper is really good. One freelancer marketeer is cheaper but by working with Dapper you have a lot more resources.


I can always depend on Dapper, they are supportive and think along with me throughout the entire funnel. Providing us with very useful input and clear reports on the advertising results.


We're very pleased with their approach and competence.

Yassine Tanane

Boxspring Twijfelaar

Dapper experiments with out-of-the-box ideas to get results. Through that method, they got very successful results with Pinterest advertising.


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